New Players

We welcome anyone and everyone.

No prior experience is necessary. Many of our players had never played organized ultimate before. We welcome athletes of all backgrounds, and even people who didn’t participate heavily (or at all) in sports during their high school years. Much of the fall is devoted to teaching not only our system of ultimate, but also the basic elements of the game itself (throwing, cutting, etc.).

Two Teams, One Program.

We divide into an A and B Team. The A-Team travels about 4 times during the fall season and 6 times during the spring season, including the Division I College Championship Series. The B-Team travels about 3 times per semester, including the Developmental Division College Championship series in the spring.

GW is a nationally-ranked program and has a strong history of success in the region. If you’d like to learn more about our history, visit our “About” section.

How do I get involved?

Find us at the upcoming 2015 CI sessions this summer & come down to practice next fall!

Feel free to get in touch with us as well. You can email us at and ask us any questions, or simply tell us about yourself. Don’t forget to join our Class of 2018 Facebook Group.

If you do plan on playing with us, you will need to get cleats. You may have trouble finding them in DC, so bring a pair to school with you if you can. All of our players wear soccer, football, or lacrosse cleats. A bike comes in handy as well for commuting to practice.

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